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Design of a Knudsen type molecular effusion cell capable of in-situ measurement of molecular evaporation rates. This is accomplished by means of a quartz crystal microbalance integrated into the shutter of the effusion cell. The presented layout facilitates both the measurement of effusion rates under ultra-high vacuum conditions without the need for a separate experimental setup and the growth of surface supported molecular layers and nanostructures.

(1) Shutter with integrated quartz crystal microbalance. One electrode of the QCMB crystal is connected to a coaxial cable and isolated by a macor plate. The whole shutter is attached to a rotary feedthrough.

(2) Knudsen cell.

(3) Thermocouple feedthrough (type K), connected to (8).

(4) Power feedthroughs for filament current, connected to (11).

(5) BNC signal feedthrough (grounded to body) connected to the quartz crystal via a coaxial cable.

(6) Macor plate clamping QCMB.

(7) Copper plate connecting back electrode of QCMB to coaxial cable. (

8) Quartz crystal.

(9) Stainless steel shutter with 10 mm orifice.

(10) Molybdenum crucible housed and stabilized by macor holders and spacers. (

11) Heating coil made from 0.3 mm tantalum wire.

(12) Thermocouple attached to a flat spring to assure good thermal connection to the crucible.

(13) Two stainless steel radiation shields.

Further Reading: link.aip.org/link/doi/10.1063/1.3292510


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